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Month: July

“FOOD MATTERZ is a place in which NATURE GOODNESS, delicious food and cosy times with FAMILY AND FRIENDS can be found in one.”

What are the monthly specials?

In our lunchroom you will find a regular menu with our regular sandwiches, yogurts, coffees and so on. Of course, we do change our regular menu occasionally, but we want to surprise you with new, varied and tasty combinations every time you visit our lunchroom. Therefore, we added the monthly specials to our menu. We have the sandwich of the month, the coffee of the month and the yogurt of the month. Continue reading to discover the current specials.

healthy ricotta

A healthy sandwich with lots of vegetables and delicious soft ricotta cheese; that is the Healthy Ricotta – the sandwich of the month. This special is based on Bakker Luuk’s fresh bread. For an extra tasty bite, this sandwich is toasted, followed by a layer of soft ricotta and cottage cheese. On top of that is a layer of spicy arugula with tasty grilled vegetables: a combination of red and orange peppers and red onion. The sandwich is finally topped with basil. It is a deliciously creamy and fresh sandwich for the month of July.

cherry granola

Beautiful soft and sweet cherries characterize this fine special; meet the Cherry Granola. This delicious yogurt consists of three layers. The first layer consists of the delicious crunchy granola from Bamboo Byte, followed by the fresh hangop from Buurvrouw Durkje. Between the curds you will find a layer of sweet homemade cherry chutney that adds an extra nice taste to this special. Finally, this special is topped off with a layer of granola, pieces of cherry and peach and a sprig of mint. That will be fun in the summer!

white iced dream

We would like to introduce you to the coffee of the month: the White Iced Dream. This special has a good shot of espresso, ice cubes and a layer of milk as a base. For a deliciously sweet experience, we add a dash of white chocolate syrup and the special is topped off with a generous dollop of whipped cream. To make the party complete, you will find white chocolate flakes and a little bit of cocoa on top of the whipped cream. It is a real treat for every white chocolate lover.

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